Haiti Ball

Every year, Haven organises and runs Haiti Week, the declaration of our commitment to the people of Haiti to join them in shaping the better, secure future to which they, like us all, are entitled.

Launched in 2011 by former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, this is a weeklong initiative, designed to bring the business and arts communities in Ireland together to raise awareness and support for Haiti.  Year after year, we are moved by the spirit and dedication with which people unite in solidarity during this time.

A range of events take place during Haiti Week, highlighting the ongoing issues in Haiti and celebrating those who are working to overcome them.

Each year, a highlight of the week comes with the Haiti Ball, a unifying, celebratory event which represents an important opportunity for us all to stand together in solidarity with the people of Haiti.  In 2017, the Haiti Ball is taking place on Saturday, 21 January in the InterContinental Hotel, Dublin 4: you can find out more here.

The presentation of the William Jefferson Clinton Goodwill for Haiti Award  marks a standout moment of the Haiti Ball every year, recognising those who have dedicated their lives to the people of Haiti: you can find all the previous awardees here.

You’ll find all the Haiti Week 2016 events here; stay tuned to find out more of what’s coming in 2017.