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Meeting with Goverment Officials Haven meets with Governments officials on Ile a Vache

Last Thursday Haven Country Director John Moore met with the Haitian Tourism Minister Stephanie Villedrouin, Mayor of Île-à-Vache Fritz Cezar and Director for the Southern Region Karine Conde on Île-à-Vache to discuss the work of both organisations on the Island over the past few years. The Minister was very complementary to both organisations in particular she was impressed by the number of volunteers that both organisations have brought to the island. The Minister has asked both organisations to partner with the government in order to further improve the lives of the islanders. 

ECOSAN Latrines on Ile a Vache 

Work began last week on the new latrines in Ecole Saint François d'Assise and Ecole Petit Frere de Saint Therese on Île-à-Vache. The existing latrines are being replaced by new environmentally friendly ECOSAN latrines. Ecological Sanitation (ECOSAN) is an environment friendly sustainable sanitation system which regards human waste as resource for agricultural purposes and food security. The basic concept of ECOSAN involves the recycling of water and nutrients contained within human wastes back into the local environment. These new latrines are expected to be completed before the end of July.

July Issue of Haven Newsletter is out now! 

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Haven to Source Food Supplies for Orphanage 

The conditions in Missionaire de Sacre Coeur orphanage are sparse to say the least. There are 39 children in the orphanage and the nuns educate approximately 600 children from the local community. There is no electricity since the earthquake and part of the orphanage was irreparably damaged during the earthquake incl. the only transport that the staff had. They have been unable to replace their car since meaning if there is a medical emergency at night with any of the children in their care they must try to hire a car to go to the hospital. Haven has distributed over 500 blankets and other supplies to the orphanage. Food is scarce and a lot of the time the children only receive one meal per day. Only the other day a baby of less than 1 year old was handed in by the baby's mother as she was unable to look after it. This is a very common occurrence right across Haiti. Knowing that food will be available for the next year is a massive relief for the nuns running the orphanage.

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Nire Valley Drop Nire Valley Drop in Aid of Haven in Haiti

Haven volunteer, Paudie Halpin is organising the Nire Valley Drop, an off-road cycle challenge that will take place on Sunday October 26th in the Comeragh Mountains, Co Waterford. Read about it here

Haven and Soul of Haiti Team Up to Improve Hygiene on Ile a Vache 

Haven and Soul of Haiti have begun a partnership with the goal of improving hygiene and access to sanitation facilities on Île à Vache. This will directly benefit 18,000 people on the island.

Poverty, lack of education, unemployment and a lack of hygiene facilities are the norm in the five communities of Île à Vache, and that is something Haven and Soul of Haiti are striving to change.

The main activities of this partnership include constructing Ecosan latrines, capacity-building of water and sanitation. There will be a committee to manage communal facilities and to raise awareness of hygiene promotion.

Haven and Camara Announce Partnership 

Haven and Camara have announced a partnership in Haiti which will see over 10,500 Haitians receive digical literacy within 5 years. To read more about this partnership click here. 

Haven Volunteers with Directly with Community of Ile á Vache

Haven Volunteers from Ireland and America are currently in Haiti working with the community of Madam Bernards on the small island of Ile á Vache, south of the Haitian mainland. For daily accounts of the work that the volunteers are doing on the island click here

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