Who we are

Haven is an Irish non-governmental organisation (NGO) which is strongly committed to empowering the people of Haiti to build strong and sustainable livelihoods.

Launched in 2008, we work solely in Haiti, facilitating the provision of sustainable water and sanitation, training and education, and shelter solutions for its people.

Our vision is to build thriving communities which prosper independently, and in which every person has a safe place to call home.

Our Skills - We focus our time and resources to help build sustainable communities

Water and Sanitation (WASH)
Training and Education
Community Development

To date, we have provided and facilitated training to over 78,000 people in Haiti, empowering them to build strong, valuable and life-long livelihoods skills.  We have trained more than 69,000 people in Hygiene Promotion, and built or upgraded homes and shelters for over 21,500 people.  We have also directly employed more than 1,200 local people, and brought over 1,400 Irish and international volunteers to Haiti to work on vital community development projects.


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Homes upgraded on the island of Île à Vache

Haitian people directly employed by Haven

Solar lighting packs distributed in Haiti


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