Our Mission


Haven’s mission is to build strong and sustainable communities by facilitating the construction of shelter and the provision of water and sanitation solutions, and providing training and community development to ensure sustainable livelihoods.


Haven’s vision is of a Haiti made up of sustainable communities living free from poverty with everybody having a safe place to call home and the means to provide for their families.


Haven’s purpose is to alleviate poverty and to improve the living conditions of communities in Haiti.




Following a period of careful reflection on the organisation, the challenges we have encountered and the important lessons that have been absorbed, Haven is proud to realise its latest Strategic Plan, 2016-2020.

This plan seeks to detemine the interventions which we can offer so as to contribute to positive change in Haiti.  During 2016-2020, Haven will strategically focus resources on three key areas of community-led Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programmes, community-led livelihoods programmes, and household-led shelter upgrades.

Recognising that Haiti is extremely prone to natural disasters, these programme pillars will be underpinned by a Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) approach, aiming to reduce the severity of damage caused by such events in the communities we work with.

The plan is informed by consultations and needs assessments conducted with key stakeholders in our target communities, local and national government’s development plans in Haiti, and our deep experience of both directly implementing development projects in Haiti and working in partnership with other agencies.

Follow the link to read our Strategic Plan, 2016-2020.