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Here at Haven, we were privileged to welcome Lisa Kennedy from Our Lady’s School in Terenure to intern with us in the Dublin office every Tuesday between September and December 2013.

Lisa undertook the internship as part of her Transition Year work placement programme.  She was a valued member of the team during her time, and helped us to organise Carols for Haiti, which took place in Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre at the start of December 2013.

Here, we find out a little more about Lisa.


Tell us about yourself.

My name is Lisa Kennedy.  I am sixteen, I attend Our Lady’s School in Terneure and I live in Churchtown.


What would you like to do or study after school?

When I leave school, I am unsure about what I would like to study.  At this moment, I have a keen interest in finance and business studies, so I might choose one of those areas in the future.


When you think of charity or volunteering, what comes to mind?

When I think of charity or volunteering I think about helping people and their communities.


What would encourage you to volunteer?

I would volunteer when devastation has struck and much help is needs with fundraising and supplies.


What would discourage you from volunteering?

I would not volunteer when I am overcommitted with other projects and I could not fully invest my time in the organisation


Would you consider volunteering in the future or encouraging people to volunteer?

After volunteering in Haven for the past few weeks, I would defiantly volunteer again; I feel during my time here I have helped and it is very rewarding and I enjoyed my time doing it.


Why did you decide to volunteer with Haven?

I chose to volunteer with Haven because I had heard they did work in the poorest country in the western hemisphere,


Did you know about Haven’s work in Haiti before you started?

Yes, I had a heard a little about the work they do, but I had no idea about the projects and the great work they have done in the past and will continue to do in the future.


What did you learn during your time at Haven?

During my time in Haven, I have learnt to not take things for granted and not give out if I don’t have the newest phone because there are some people who don’t have clean water to drink.


Did you enjoy your time at Haven?

I truly enjoyed my time at Haven; I would like to say that I helped a little bit during my time here.


What will you tell your friends and family about Haiti?

When my friends and family used to ask me about Haiti =, I would have probably said it was a poor country, but now, after my time in Haven, I would say that, even though this county is among the poorest in the world, they are inspiring people who are very strong and I am happy that I could help these people.


Haven would like to thank Lisa for all her hard work, dedication and enthusiasm, and wish her all the luck in the world for her future.
Lisa- you’ll always be welcomed back anytime for a cup of tea!! 

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