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It is now day five and the projects are really starting to take shape.

The scaffolding in the church has been taken down and the path was finished today.  The Solar Light Team, who yesterday had fixed the backup generation, are today erecting the three lights.  The Well Team are also going at a phenomenal rate, as is Painting Team.

The provision of solar lights is really important; it makes the path safe and extends the hours that the doctors and the other services can operate.  But it is a major project putting these lights in place, considering that they consist of a 19 foot steel column attached to the light battery, solar panel and controller box installed on the top.  The columns are put into place using teams of local Haitians and volunteers using nothing but ropes and man power.  Fingers crossed they will work when night falls!

Today is also market day in Madame Bernard’s and it is busy with pack mules and extra boats appearing all day.  The locals that have traveled in to town for the market don’t seem too put out by our presence and just go about their buying and selling.

At dinner that night, John Moore, Haven’s Country Director, gave us all a progress report on all the projects and where we stand with one day to go.  The best news of the night, however, was that the solar lights are working and fully illuminate the path.  A big congratulations and standing ovation to the solar light team…..

Only in Haiti …..         

Today’s “ Only in Haiti” is about American volunteer Scott from Savannah, Georgia.  Scott is on the well team and has being travelling around repairing wells across the island.  Scott walks into the church and is covered in a thick wet mud and is congratulated on another well re-opened.  However, when he thanks us, he says the mud isn’t from a well.

It transpired that the well team had hitched a ride on a pickup truck to save time getting to this far-off well, but the truck had stuck in the mud, and the team had spend twice the time it would have taken to get to the well on foot, trying to free the pick up from the mud!  Only in Haiti!

Espwa Pou Ayiti – Hope for Haiti




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