James’s Blog | Day Six – Au Revoir, Mon Blanc

Last day on site and all the projects are now completed.

The path team have completed the path and are now extending the path further into the town towards the church and market place.

The solar team have now opened a make-shift garage and are servicing the wheelchairs belonging to the children in the orphanage.  It is amazing what some WD40 and a number 10 spanner can do in the right hands!

The well team have successfully completed 7 wells.

The carpentry team have all the shelving completed but are not taking the day off as Sr Flora wants pantry units built so it is a mad dash to get them made, painted and installed before evening.  But after sub contracting the painting to the Haven staff all is ok!

Catherine and Stephen have completed the mural which is stunning boasting scenes from the local community and orphanage.  It even features some familiar faces!

The church is painted so the painting crew joined the house painting team.

By the end of the day, all the projects are completed and some of us go for one last beverage in Selim’s which quickly turns into a rap off between Haitian rap and The Fields of Athenry.

It always strikes me at the end of a trip that although I travel to Haiti to build projects, I always leave with a renewed belief for humanity as a whole.

10000_20140428121759437Only in Haiti……

It is the last day and a Haitian wearing a GAA  jersey carrying a machete arrives at the church.  He wants to know if we want coconut.  They are cut with the machete and you drink the milk.  Afterwards they are split open and you eat the flesh!  Now that it certainly something that doesn’t happen in Ireland!

Espwa Pou Ayiti – Hope for Haiti



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