Kitty’s Story | “I wouldn’t swap this experience for anything”

Thursday was a laborious day – brushing, fetching, painting, whatever needed done.

We helped with putting a new roof on the outside kitchen and painting, but I still had time to help feed the children and put them to bed.  Now I’m getting hugs and bedtime kisses, and they love a wee song – they haven’t a baldies what I’m singing, but sure they have a wee smile on their faces and that’s the main thing.

There’s a wee blind boy of about ten, and he hates to wear clothes – he climbs walls and railings all day, and he has even climbed on top of the roof before, completely blind.  I can just about manage pushing a wheelchair up to the bedrooms in this heat, but he just never stops.  He craves a wee bit of affection; he will lean against me, putting his wee head on my chest and just put his arms around me, and, if I let him, he jumps up into my arms and will just be happy for my time.  He would break your heart.

12670251_944663595582696_3188822399171256089_nIt was market day yesterday, and that was an experience – women walk around on bare feet; the roads are just filthy and full of rubbish and rubble; you can buy absolutely anything there, from a pig to fish to shampoo to clothes; and there is a pharmacy stall, where there is a laundry basket overflowing with open boxes of tablets, which I think is like a lucky dip.  What a weird place.

These photos speak for themselves; hopefully you will see how mad this place is: great; funny; sad; hot; very, very smelly, but an amazing adventure.  Even though the creepy crawlies are everywhere, the showers are freezing, the electricity is only on a few hours at night, and there is no such thing as a hurry, I wouldn’t swap this experience for anything.

I have met gorgeous people and, today, I helped at a woman’s community group, where we had a self-esteem class.  Then, we made badges for each lady, and they were able to decorate them – just fantastic to watch, even though I hadn’t the foggiest notion what they were saying, but they had a ball and sure that’s the main thing.


Kitty Kearns and her husband Warren volunteered with Haven’s projects in Haiti for a few weeks in February 2016.  Every few days, Kitty shared all that went on.


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