Kitty’s Story | Recovering from a bug

Ok, you all had a couple days’ peace from me but I’m back!

I had a bug of some sort and I was so sick.  You see, the food here is mostly deep fried, but not any more – bbq or grilled is the order of the day from now on.  As well, I really love my food and, as it was rationed on the island, I was delighted to see food and was a bit of a greedy guts, but I’m fine now.  Warren wasn’t too well either but he knew what was coming, so he took a bucket load of ‘anti tablets’.

I really haven’t done much in the lineup of work, mostly resting, and I must say the staff in our hotel were fantastic, as were the guys from work; they came to visit me, luckily between episodes.  I feel a bit of a fraud, but I’ll try to make up for it in these last few days.

We had invited Yvrose and husband Pierre Richard, and a really lovely American couple we’ve been working with all week, Diana and Jim, to our hotel for dinner last night: I was completely dreading it, but, it was arranged a few days ago, and I knew they were looking forward to it.  I hadn’t eaten for two days, and I was seriously worried – the hotel owner had gone out to buy white wine especially for us as they don’t stock it – but, before you paint a not so pretty picture of what happened me, I was fine, and we had a great evening, and, although I didn’t eat very much, it stayed put!

The building work is slow but steady – no diggers, no cranes, just a cement mixer, and a pile of hard workers to erect steel weighing up to 750lbs in high 90 degrees heat.  Hats off to these guys!  Every now and again, they soak their t-shirts in water, and hold the hose over their heads and get going again.

10359239_949388541776868_8482597973347262891_nI have to tell you about the dinner here: I never eat fish at home, but it’s very fresh and probably the safest thing to eat so I’m converted.  Now, there’s a young guy from our hotel who wades out with a huge bucket of fish bait to a place in the lake beside us where the fish are trapped, and then we eat them for dinner – we watch him every morning as we eat breakfast.

We notice that he holds the bucket high out of the water until he gets to the trap area, then he’s like an Olympic swimmer back to shore; what we only found out last night is that the lake has alligators -WHAT?!!  I said to Warren how guilty we would feel if he was attacked for our flaming dinner, and I don’t even like fish!

Ok, enough ranting…

Kitty Kearns and her husband Warren volunteered with Haven’s projects in Haiti for a few weeks in February 2016.  Every few days, Kitty shared all that went on.

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