Kitty’s Story | Orevwa Haiti!

Orevwa Haiti – before you say anything, this spelling is right!

Our time in this crazy, noisy, calm, peaceful, scary, beautiful, broken, amazing place has come to an end, for now.

The roads are something else – between weaving in and out of traffic, with horns blaring every two seconds and dust flying, before slowing down to an almost stop and immediately speeding up, almost up the rear of the boy in front.  I say “boy” as I have only seen one female driver, that, of course, being Yvrose; she is one brave woman, beautiful in every way, very funny and so so caring.

She took us to the airport, a drive of up to two hours on these death traps of roads and her second of this journey yesterday, as one of her children needed to visit hospital in the morning, and they forgot to take an X-ray, so they had to go through the whole kaboodle again.  Remember, she has 32 kids, and I have absolutely no doubt she would do anything for them all; where she gets her strength, I really don’t know.

My breakfast this morning was just delicious.  I had everything: waffles, syrup, cereal, juice, muffins, bagels – you name it.

Now, we’ve got the exit row so we have extra room: they heard about my breakfast and thought I’d need it!
Anyway, thanks for all your lovely messages – it’s great support.  Now, let’s hope we don’t have too many bumps on the way home – I hate flying.


Kitty Kearns and her husband Warren volunteered with Haven’s projects in Haiti for a few weeks in February 2016.  Every few days, Kitty shared all that went on.

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