Watch Ronan O’Gara share the impact that Haiti left on him

Irish rugby legend Ronan O’Gara spoke passionately about his time in Haiti with Haven in June 2015, describing it as “fascinating in so many aspects”.

Joining our team in Dundrum last week to support our ongoing National Car Draw, Ronan said, “the fact is that the people have very, very little but they are beautiful people, and happy and enriched in their own lives”.

There’s an awful lot of work to be done over there but you can see massive progress being made.

You can hear all that Ronan had to say in this video.  He travelled to Haiti with Haven in June 2015, writing about his experiences there in a powerful diary piece which you can read back here.

As a long-time supporter of our work in Haiti, Ronan was helping to promote our current competition which could see you win a brand new BMW 116d for just €5: find out more here.


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