Osette’s Story | Learning new farming skills through training

Osette Vantile is a participant in the agricultural training course as part of our Income Generation Programme on the island of Île à Vache.  Here, she tells us of the impact the programme has had for her.

My name is Osette Vantile.  I am married and have six children.  I live in La Fortune on Île à Vache.

I have received training in Haven’s agricultural programme.  During the training, I was taught how to prepare the land and grow plants.  I learnt about two crops during my training: before the training, I did not know how to plant these crops.  Before, I would have planted pistache [pistachios] and corn only.

I have not planted all the crops yet, but I will do so.  For example, I will plant pepper and poivron [bell pepper] now too because of the training.  I have learnt many techniques from the training, like that pistache should be planted above ground and I should separate different crops.

I have found the training very good and my garden is now beautiful with crops.

The crops I produce will help me feed my children, and I can sell excess crops at the market in Madame Bernard to help send my children to school.


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