Remy Jean Ismael’s Story | Working as an agricultural agent on Haven’s programmes

Remy Jean Ismael is an agricultural agent in the agricultural training course as part of our Income Generation Programme on the island of Île à Vache.  Here, he tells us of the impact the programme has had for farmers in the local community.

My name is Remy Jean Ismael.  I am an agricultural agent working with Haven as part of the agricultural programme.  I am so thankful to anyone that works with Haven to run this project that is helping the community of Île à Vache.

As an agricultural agent, I work with the farmers to show them new techniques; for example, growing vegetables.  The programme teaches the famers how to transplant tress, distribute crops, and grow crops like beans, tomatoes, peppers and peanuts.

It is a real working, ongoing project, giving training to the beneficiaries.

Rain had spoiled some gardens making them unusable for growing crops, but, because of the training, the gardens have been made usable again and crops are being planted and grown successfully.  The farmers have been taught how to conserve land and been given the skills to have crops available before the heavy rains, and then again to know to plant straight after the rain.

The programme shows the advantages of agriculture, and how it can help the farmers have enough money to send their children to school.

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