Support our volunteers’ Gros Morne School Meals Appeal today…

Can you give €7 to feed a child in the community of Gros Morne for one full month?

We’re currently supporting volunteer Patrick O’Neill to raise funds to reinstate a lunchtime meal to children in a local school in Gros Morne where state funding to provide this has been cut.

For many children in the school, this is their only meal of the day.

In June, Patrick organised a group of teachers from Ireland to travel to the school in a trip supported by us here at Haven; there, they ran a summer camp for over three weeks with more than 650 children – teaching some famous Irish songs along the way – and later learned about this drastic funding cut.  Here, in a TV3 interview, they explain just how big a difference this cut will make to the children and their families.

Patrick and his group of volunteers are now working to raise the money needed to directly provide this meal to children in the school, and we are proud to help them with this.  It costs just €7 to feed one child there for a month – please give what you can below.

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