Read our 2015 Annual Report today

Here at Haven, we are delighted to announce the publication of our 2015 Annual Report, outlining the impact of our projects and performance in Haiti in 2015.

Please click here to read or download our 2015 Annual Report.

As the report reflects, last year, we heralded some proud achievements.  We provided direct training to more than 1,000 people in Haiti; we completed over 1,700 vital repair works on a wide range of homes and buildings; and we brought 31 volunteers to our projects.  These developments are making a real impact, rebuilding communities and transforming lives.

At Haven, we take our governance and accountability extremely seriously.  Recognising the trust with which our donors, partners and volunteers treat us, we would like to reassure you that we place an immeasurable importance on maintaining the highest degrees of accountability and financial management.

We completely understand that, when you donate to us, you trust us to use your money to reach out to those in Haiti who need it most and to utilise it in the most effective way possible.  We can assure you that this is of the utmost importance to us: in 2015 alone, we spent €1,010,143 on our charitable activity, and just 10% of our funds were used on governance and administration.

One by one, hand in hand and with a true spirit of hope, Haven is joining with the people of Haiti to seize new opportunities and to live with independence: thank you for being part of that journey.

 To see our past Annual Reports, please click here.


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