Ailish’s Story | “Our community outreach continues”

Ailish O’Reilly is Haven’s Programme Manager in Haiti, living on the island of Île à Vache.  Here, in her monthly blog, she shares the latest developments from the various ongoing projects and gives a valuable perspective from the ground.

At Chache Lavi, we have three more businesses approved in August, including our local butcher.  

Art Classes IAV Orphanage

Art classes at the orphanage

It is time to prepare for the school year.  Many of the families get the school uniforms made locally: Melanie opens a business to supply material for shirts, skirts and trousers.  This business will take her into the Christmas season, Easter and then all of the graduations robes to be made through the summer months.

Some of our businesses will involve animal husbandry.  Veterinarian Gina Charles from the Christine Farm in Cavaillon comes to Ileavache to give training to our beneficiaries on raising goats. There will be a follow up in September.

We have organised local artist, Dany Blaise, to give art classes to twelve of the children at the orphanage for the month of August.  It is a continuation of the programme we started earlier this year.  Three children from De Gras orphanage also participate.  Dany works with paints and with tin so the children are getting to experience working with different materials.  



Fednol lives at the orphanage.  His visa application for Canada gets turned down; we had been trying for three months to organise a short summer vacation with a family in Canada.  When he could not come to Canada,the family instead came to Île à Vache and spent the week with the orphanage instead.  

Our community outreach programme continues.  Carlo, the 40 year old fisherman, is heading back to Hôpital Boniface for more physiotherapy, orientation and artisan training.  

Mistachna is home from hospital and doing well.  Two of our children are ready to start school, thanks to the financial assistance we can provide.  Through visits to local communities, we have identified three more families for evaluation to enter the programme.

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