Hurricane Matthew strikes Haiti

Today at Haven, we are thinking of the people of Haiti as Hurricane Matthew strikes the country.

Hurricane Matthew is a powerful, category-four hurricane which is currently moving through the Caribbean.  The centre of the storm is making its way over Haiti today, with the south-western areas of the country due to bear the brunt of its force.  Airports in Haiti are closed, and officials have issued a red safety alert.

All of our staff and project participants are safe, with a number of evacuation centres and shelters set up in the communities that we work in.  We will continue to closely monitor the situation to ensure that everyone remains protected and unhurt over the coming days.

At the moment, we can only wait for the storm to pass before assessing the damage.  Haiti is expected to be the country most affected by Hurricane Matthew, with many communities currently experiencing extremely heavy winds and rain.

More updates will be posted here over the next few days, and we will respond in whatever way we can to help the people of Haiti through any challenges the hurricane brings.

For more information on Hurricane Matthew, please see here and here.

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