URGENT APPEAL | Please help recovery in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

At Haven, we are launching an urgent appeal to raise vital funds to drive recovery on the ground in Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.


Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti over the last few days, causing complete devastation in an extremely vulnerable country and leaving thousands of already struggling families even more at risk.  We are asking you to donate whatever you can to help the people of Haiti to rebuild their lives once more.

The most powerful hurricane to hit the Caribbean in almost ten years, local people and officials in Haiti are already saying that the impact has been worse than Hurricane Sandy.  In the torrential winds and rain this week, people in Haiti have seen their towns and villages submerged under several feet of rainwater, their houses brought down or badly damaged in 230km per hour winds, and what little possessions they have blown away.

With flooding and mudslides causing further destruction, whole farms and crops have been lost, leading to food shortages in some parts.  Access to clean water is also even more scarce than normal due to contamination, exposing children and families to the risk of cholera and infection.

Our Country Director for Haiti, John Moore, said: “Families across Haiti are in shock after the third major natural disaster to hit the country since 2010.  As well as the critical damage done to the their communities as a whole, some of Haven’s key livelihoods programmes – including the Christine Farm and the Income Generation Programme on the island of Île à Vache – have been destroyed.  We urgently need to raise funds to push emergency relief forward and support the people of Haiti to rebuild their lives.  Our team is working closely with communities to assess the damage and respond fully to their needs, and we are deeply committed to standing with the people of Haiti to ensure that recovery reaches everyone.”

Please give what you can: click here or call our office on 01 681 5441 to donate now.

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