Recovering from Hurricane Matthew | Update from Haven’s Country Director, John Moore

Next week will mark a month since Hurricane Matthew tore its destructive path through Haiti.

Our team has been working on the ground since day one and, with every day, the loss and devastation is becoming clearer.

Hundreds of thousands of people find themselves displaced, or living in critically damaged houses, ruined in the most torrential winds and rain in over fifty years.

Families – particularly children – lie at risk of cholera and other life-threatening diseases, as unprecedented flooding brought severe water contamination.  Chronic food shortages mean that the threat of hunger and malnutrition is all too real in many communities.

Our emergency relief work is focusing on the small, remote island of Île á Vache off Haiti’s south-west, which found itself decimated in the eye of the storm.

There, we are delivering vital aqua-tabs, bottled water and medicine across the island’s communities to prevent the spread of cholera.  Estimating that 30-40% of the island’s people are now displaced, we are providing emergency shelters and tarpaulins so that people remain protected.

Our essential food aid kits are also being distributed to families and schools, giving people their only access to food after losing all of their crops to the rain.  Working with other NGOs and partner organisations, we are coordinating medical care and treatment for those who need it.

Your support has made this possible, and is truly helping some of the most vulnerable people in Haiti.

While a lot has been achieved, the situation is still highly critical.

Over 24 inches of rain is forecast to hit Île á Vache again in the next two weeks, posing a serious threat to recovery.  We have to act now to ensure that the people of Haiti stay safe and can begin rebuilding their lives.

Please give what you can today.  100% of funds raised will go directly towards our emergency response on the ground, helping recovery to reach everyone.

Thank you,

John Moore | Haven’s Country Director in Haiti

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