Hurricane Matthew Update | “We are busy visiting projects”

Ailish O’Reilly, our Programmes Manager on the ground in Haiti, visits our Christine Farm project with a group of visitors to explore the impact of Hurricane Matthew almost six weeks on.

November 10

When you are all day on the road, it is hard to keep up with the blog and news of home; we are in and out of coverage, and busy meeting people or visiting projects.

Our visit to the Christine Farm is quite a mix of activities.

We talk to locals about the impact the hurricane has had on their lives.  In response to a question as to what they need most, they ask us if Christine Farm and Haven could provide them with seeds to replant their gardens.  Isaac brings our visitors on a walk of the farm and local area.  As we walk, we discuss Isaac’s plan for providing seeds if we can pull all the necessary components together.

The Mayor from Cavaillon comes to meet us.  He requests a short meeting and has come with a request from another NGO working in the area, and so the last piece of the jigsaw fits in to place in our bid to help local farmers.  If Haven provides technical support on planting – the tractor and drivers for local farms to prepare the land – then Nova Hope Foundation will provide seeds.  The Mayor’s office will support logistics, diesel, and co-ordination of the activity.

We round off our couple of hours at the farm by helping pack and distribute MannaPack rice packs to 200 local families.   All in all – complete with videos, photographs, food distribution, and a project plan – it’s not a bad morning’s work for the team.


You can help farmers in Haiti to recover from Hurricane Matthew.

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