Hurricane Matthew Update | “We are a tired team heading home”

A day of mixed fortunes awaits for our Programmes Manager, Ailish O’Reilly, in Haiti as protests delay the delivery of supplies but essential repair works finally get underway.

November 16

After yesterday’s school visits, it is schools that again occupy today, but with a twist.  This time it is a manifestation [protest] in Les Cayes by the students.  Their schools were used during the hurricane as emergency shelters.  Some schools are still housing families, and the students are protesting that now, over a month since the hurricane and almost a month since schools reopened; it is time for them to be allowed go back to school.

Our truck is stuck on one side of the manifestation, while we are sitting on the wharf with the boat on the other side.

I use the time to send on supporting information for a submission to Shelterbox.  If they can supply more material for repairs, they are most willing to do so, and they think they can send enough school kits to help 2,500 children.

The delay costs us the trip to Les Irois as it is too late to dispatch the truck on such a long, overland journey.

We head back to Île à Vache and start the unload; it is night time before we get the food into stores.  There are a few issues and we are a tired team heading home.

The good news is we have started distribution of our housing material, and repairs of houses are underway in La Fortune and Carrefour Citron.

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