Sophie’s Story | “You could see in his eyes the disbelief and joy”

Six weeks into her three-month work placement with us, Sophie O’Sullivan tells us how she got on during our recent Volunteer Programme, and bids farewell to our Country Director, John Moore, as he leaves Haiti for home.

Sophie O Sullivan is six weeks into her work placement in HaitiSaturday, 22 April saw the beginning of the 2017 Volunteer Programme.  40 volunteers came from the Emerald Isle, as well as from a number of different states in the US and from Canada as well.  People of different ages and backgrounds all came together with one goal: to give the children in the community of Carrefour Dufort a new school, a school that they will walk in to and know that they are valued, that they are more than just a person.

Education for many here is a privilege, with some families often only able to afford to send one child to school.

As the days went on, we saw how much progress was being made.  The children came each day to watch in amazement as we try to build them a bigger and better community by constructing a new kitchen and covered area where they can eat their lunch, by creating a sports field for them to play in, and by improving the conditions in their classrooms.

To see a child of six years old watch as a Polaroid develops in front of his eyes is incredible.  When he was handed the Polaroid, he didn’t know what he was looking at, yet over a few seconds, you could see in his eyes the disbelief and joy as he watched a blank canvas transform into his own image.

By the next Saturday, it was back to normality.  Exhaustion ensued as the events of the past week finally caught up with us.  We didn’t stop for too long though, as we had a busy week ahead with visitors in from America.  Not only that though; it was also the week that we said goodbye to our Country Director, the Big Boss, John Moore.  However, it isn’t goodbye; its more of a ‘see you later!’ as John will soon be joining our Board.

As for me, I think I still have a few more blog posts in me before I leave!

Sophie O'Sullivan

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