Location of 2018 Volunteer Programme announced

At Haven, our team is excited to announce the location of our next Volunteer Programme in Haiti.

In April 2018, our volunteers will be travelling to the community of Gressier, a mountaineous area which lies close to Léogâne, the epicentre of the 2010 earthquake.

There, they will be working to upgrade and refurbish Jean Jean School, a school for almost 160 students.  Set in a remote location, the school can be difficult to access and is in bad need of repair.

Some of the tasks that volunteers will be undertaking include building a new shaded kitchen and dining area; installing and repairing toilet blocks; re-roofing, painting and upgrading buildings; making bookcases, desks and blackboards; and much more.

This is one of only four schools in the area, where thousands of children need access to education, so our Volunteer Programme will make an enormous impact.

By taking part in the programme, our volunteers will be making a huge difference to the local community, and opening new opportunities for education to children in Haiti.

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