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Vizyon Pam | Business Development Programme

Our experience in Haiti has shown that, while local people are extremely resilient and creative, they often lack access to financial support or the necessary knowledge to set up their own business.

In 2018, we are launching our new Vizyon Pam business development programme, which is designed to combat all of this.

Vizyon Pam, translating as “My Vision”, gives people living in poverty the necessary tools to achieve positive change in their lives by generating enterprise and building sustainable livelihoods.

Set over four key phases, the programme first grounds participants in tailored life-skills training designed to build their self-esteem and motivation, covering areas such as civil rights, nutrition, gender equality, literacy and self-empowerment. Participants then train in practical and vocational skills, such as boat-building, sewing, agriculture, hospitality and more, which reflect the trades and industries integral to their communities. From here, they learn the fundamentals of business planning and management, comprising topics such as budgeting, marketing, production and supply chain, pricing, access to finance, and more.

Using this new knowledge, participants then develop a detailed business plan for their enterprise with the support of our team, and are supported to access the small loan they need to launch their businesses through our local microfinance partners, receiving regular support and mentoring from our team and partners over the next six to eighteen months of their start-up phases.

In 2018 alone, Vizyon Pam will see sixty local people in Haiti develop their own business plans. Seeing their enterprises come to life brings countless new opportunities for participants: each new business gives its owner a sustainable livelihood, growing their income over time and enabling them and their families to leave poverty behind for good.

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