Haiti imports between 30 and 40 million eggs a month, so owning a chicken farm opens life-changing opportunities for its people in meeting extremely high market demand.

In light of this, we are launching a new chicken farming project which supports local people in Haiti to set up and run their own chicken farms.

Based in the Cavaillon Valley, close to our Christine Farm, the project works with local farmers, who each receive training in rearing chickens at the farm, where, in 2017, we built a chicken coop for 1,200 egg-laying chickens.  After the training, each farmer receives a chicken coop for their own land, 120 chickens, and enough chicken feed to last for six weeks, enabling them to get their farms off the ground.

Each farmer takes out a very small loan to support their farm development, paying this back from the profits they quickly make in small, manageable instalments.  Meanwhile, the interest on their loans is used to support more farmers in the area to join the programme, generating a strong chicken farming industry in the area.

We also link farmers with chicken producers and farmers in Ireland, who provide tailored support and mentorship, enabling them to grow and learn from this experience.

This project aims to promote positive change by tapping into an underdeveloped market in Haiti, supporting people to grow their incomes and scale their businesses over time.

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