WASH for

Cholera Prevention

Over 817,000 cases of cholera and more than 9,700 deaths as a result of the disease have been reported in Haiti since the outbreak began in 2010.

Following severe flooding and water contamination brought on by this Hurricane Matthew, we led the emergency response on the island of Île à Vache, focusing on preventing the spread of cholera.  In the first six weeks after the hurricane alone, we delivered 60,000 water-purifying tablets, 40,000 sachets of water and 5,000 bottles of water to guarantee access to clean water for local people.

We also secured a cholera tent to ensure that we are fully prepared to treat people on the island in the event of an outbreak, and disinfected every well on the island of Île à Vache over the course of 2017 to ensure that any signs of infection were eradicated.

While over 13,600 cases of cholera were detected in Haiti in 2017, thanks to the work of our team, not a single person on Île à Vache contracted the deadly disease.

Meanwhile, on an ongoing basis, our team of Community Health Worker (CHWs) teach people how to recognise and treat symptoms of cholera effectively, distributing cholera kits and reinforcing messages of hygiene promotion.

By raising awareness of this disease and providing the means to prevent it, our team is committed to ensuring that the communities we work with continue to live with good health.



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