Training and Education for

Digital Literacy

Strong digital literacy empowers the people of Haiti with greater employment and education opportunities.

However, Haiti currently has the lowest computer access rate in the Western Hemisphere, with barely over 10% of its population using the internet.

For young people especially, ensuring that their digital skills stand in line with global advancements is key to opening employment opportunities into the future.

Recognising this, we have supplied and fitted computers to 23 schools and centres across Haiti to date, teaching young people in computer skills.  We also focus on training teachers and community leaders – many of whom have never had access to a computer before – so that they too gain these important skills and, crucially, share them with their students or peers.

We also developed and managed a Computer Training Programme for young people in the community of Cité Soleil, in partnership with Camara, along with opening of a number of computer labs there.

As the global digital sector continues its remarkable development, we aim to support people in Haiti in progressing their skills and strengthening their education and employment prospects.

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