Île à Vache,Shelter for

Île à Vache Housing Upgrades

Our team repaired and upgraded over 2,000 homes on the island of Île à Vache, ensuring that thousands of families had more protected and comfortable places to live.

In 2013, our extensive research on the island revealed that 48% of its 2,500 houses were in extremely bad repair.  We pledged at the time to upgrade 2,000 homes by the end of December 2015, and, after many months of hard work, we were delighted to achieve that goal.

Crucially, we worked in partnership with local families and contractors to include them in every step of the process, identifying potential repairs in different communities and reaching agreements on the work to be undertaken in advance.

As progress developed, we showed homeowners how to maintain their newly repaired houses to keep the impact of the programme going long into the future.

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