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Îlet à Bret Shelter Programme

In 2014, we began working with the community on the island of Îlet à Bret, an extremely small island off the south-west coast of Haiti.

Occupied by fishermen for about ten months of the year, at the time, the only shelter on the island comprised of tents or insecure, makeshift structures, with no sanitation facilities there at all.

To make Îlet à Bret a safer place for the fishermen, we roofed and plastered its only concrete structure, providing a safe space which is now used as a community centre, church, and place of shelter during heavy rains or storms.

We also installed a rainwater harvesting system, and distributed tents to the local community, establishing a further emergency reserve, so that people have safe refuge when they stay on the island.

In the aftermath of 2016’s Hurricane Matthew, we supported people on the island in our emergency response, delivering food, water, and tarpaulins to the fishermen who had lost everything in the storm.


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