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Income Generation Programme

Poverty remains the harsh reality for too many people in Haiti: 75% of those in rural areas and 41% in urban areas continue to experience poverty today.

Our Income Generation Programme, supported by Irish Aid, is designed to tackle this head-on, empowering people who may not have had any form of income with the skills, knowledge and confidence to build their own livelihoods.  Based on the island of Île à Vache, in its current phase, this programme focuses on three core areas of training, health promotion and access to water.

In 2018, training centres on sewing, teaching 50 local people advanced skills in sewing and social enterprise development, and helping them to develop products which they can take to market. Meanwhile, the health aspect of the programme focuses around the 20 Community Health Workers (CHWs) we trained in 2017, all of whom are now working in the field, acting as first responders for health issues in the community. Equipped with first-aid, hygiene promotion and medical skills, our 20 CHWs understand the needs of their communities, creating useful connections, and providing easy, accessible health and nutrition information so that the local people can safely address their health issues.

The third element of this programme focuses on access to water, with our team first building four wells on the island in 2017 to help with the response to October 2016’s Hurricane Matthew. Now, in 2018, we are constructing another nine new wells on the island, benefitting the communities of Grande Plaine, Figuier, Lafortune, La Hatte, Trou-Milieu, Kokoye, Ansekanot and more.

This all builds on our previous Income Generation Programme, held between 2014 and 2016, which taught boat-building skills to 350 fishermen, agriculture skills to 250 farmers, and sewing skills to 98 local people.

Our Income Generation Programme makes a big impact, empowering people in the local community to seize new opportunities and to leave poverty behind for good.


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