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Installing ECOSAN Latrines

Today, just 27% of the population in Haiti has access to improved sanitation facilities: at Haven, we work to change this.

Our approach to sanitation has seen us install environmentally-friendly ECOSAN latrine systems across a number of communities in Haiti.  ECOSAN systems treat human waste as a vital resource for agriculture and food security, recycling water and valuable nutrients contained in human waste back into the local environment.  At the same time, they crucuially reduce the risk of water contamination.

We have introduced these systems to communities in Morneville, Gressier, Léogâne, Île à Vache and more.

Our work to improve sanitation facilities in Haiti stretches back to our beginnings: in 2010, we became the second-largest supplier of latrines to post-earthquake camps in Port au Prince, directly impacting more than 81,000 people.

Our belief that every person has the right to enjoy safe, hygienic sanitation continues to form an important part of our work in Haiti.

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