Training and Education for

Sewing Women of Gonaïves

Our Sewing Women programme in Gonaïves has given more than 100 women in Haiti the means to provide for themselves and their families long into the future.

Partnering with the Women of Milot Entrepreneurial Network, this programme trained and guided women in sewing skills and sustainable social enterprise development.  Designing and developing colourful products which they sell locally and on the tourism market, their new skills are changing the face of their community.

Some of the women have even increased their income from $1.50 daily to $30 weekly through their new skills, bringing security and new opportunities for their families.

Following the success of the training, we opened a new, fully-equipped Enterprise Centre in Gonaïves in 2015, offering a place for the women to gather and work together to create their unique products.  We also offered financial training to the women, helping them to open savings accounts with a local microfinance institution, Fonkoze, so that they could save and plan for the future.

Today, we continue to support the community of Gonaïves and to further the success of the women working in the Enterprise Centre.

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