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Solar Lighting

Just 11% of the population in Haiti’s countryside has access to energy, and 63% of people in urban areas face the same difficulty.

In fact, only 30% of households in Haiti have electrical lighting appliances in their homes, meaning that their access to high quality lighting is extremely inhibited.

We aim to ease this problem by opening access to sustainable solar lighting for families and communities.

In 2017, on the island of Île à Vache, we installed solar streetlights along the main pathway in the village of Madame Bernard: stretching past three schools and an orphanage, this new lighting will benefit many children and families, including those living with disability.  Brighter surroundings enable them to move more easily and safely, and greatly reduce the threat of violence or sexual assault, particularly for women and girls.

Previous solar lighting projects have seen us distribute over 700 solar lighting packs to families across Haiti.  With each pack providing fifteen hours of light after just five hours charging in sunlight, these packs brighten up homes when darkness falls so that children can complete their homework, for example, or people can run their businesses.

Without these solar streetlights and packs, towns and villages like Madame Bernard lie in darkness for much of the evening, lit only by the dim glow of candles or unhealthy, expensive kerosene lamps. Providing low-cost energy solutions, as well as promoting environmentally-friendly practice, our solar lighting projects make a huge difference to families in Haiti.


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