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Vocational Training

Our Vocational Training programme opens access to high-quality, market-driven training to vulnerable young women in Port au Prince, supporting them to secure steady jobs and to enjoy a valued role in society.

100 young women from disadvantaged backgrounds are undergoing training to improve their practical employment skills, in areas ranging from hospitality and cookery to hairdressing and beauty therapy. On top of this, they participate in English and literacy classes, IT training, and money management.  This ensures that, over the course of the programme, they gain new personal and social confidence, as well as the key skillsets needed for daily working life.

Life for women in Haiti is often more challenging: facing fewer education opportunities and barriers to employment, too many women find their lives and livelihoods hampered by gender inequality.  This programme aims to address that.

The programme is run in partnership with CHREPROF [Centre Haitian de Recherches et d’Actions pour la Promotion de la Femme], a local centre dedicated to the training of young women, especially those from low-income families. Established by Marie Carmelle Lafontant in 1975, CHREPROF enables women to reach higher levels of education and actively enter the labour force.

Many of the participating women never received a formal education, and were forced to turn to prostitution to support themselves and their families.  The Vocational Training programme is a life-changing opportunity with equips them with the skills, business acumen, and motivation to move on from these difficult circumstances and start a new, better life.

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