WASH for

Building and Repairing Wells

52% of the rural population and 35% of the urban population in Haiti only have access to unimproved drinking water sources.

Not only does this increase the threat of disease and ill health, but it means that families often have to travel long distances to the nearest water sources, whether they are clean or not.

This is why opening access to clean, safe water is one of our key priorities, and we frequently work with communities to identify and solve critical water issues.

Building wells is an important part of this, and we regularly construct wells in communities which need that vital resource.  In 2018, our team is drilling nine new wells on the island of Île à Vache as part of our Income Generation Programme, bringing water to twelve remote communities which currently have no access to water.

For every well we build, local teams are set up to identify and fix any issues as they arise, learning how to maintain them to a high standard.  We also identify and repair wells which have worn down or broken, enabling families and communities to access the water sources they need.

Clean water saves lives, and, at Haven, we are committed to working with local communities in Haiti to help keep it flowing.


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