Tax-Effective Giving

Every cent you donate to us at Haven makes an impact on the ground in Haiti – and you can make it go even further through tax-effective giving.

What is tax-effective giving?

In Ireland, tax-effective giving can increase the value of your donations by up to 45%: it turns a donation of €250 into €362 at no extra cost to you.

That extra €162 could help a local woman in Haiti set up her own new business, or could buy 32 corrigated roof sheets to give families safe places to live.

If you have donated €250 or more to us in a single calendar year, you are probably eligible for tax-effective giving.  This means that we can claim back significant tax relief on your donations, without costing you anything extra.

All you need to do is to quickly complete one of the forms below and return it to us – it’s that easy!

A CHY3 “Enduring Certificate” remains valid for all eligible donations given by you to us over the next five years. Click here to download the CHY3 form.

If you prefer, you could choose a CHY4 “Annual Certificate”, which is effective for one year only.  Click here to access the CHY4 form.

How does it work?

Since January 2013, through their Charitable Donations Scheme, the Revenue Commissioners assume that you have paid a 31% rate of tax on donations of €250 or more.  They then increase your donations by that amount to determine the appropriate amount of tax relief available to us as your chosen charity.

So, this means that your donation of €250 is actually worth €362 to us; €500 becomes €724; and €1,000 turns into €1,449!

When you fill out one of the forms above, you sign a declaration which gives us permission to claim back tax relief on your donation.  We keep a confidential copy of the form for audit purposes, but either form can then be easily renewed online or by phone, text, email or letter through Revenue.

You can cancel an Enduring Certificate at any time, but please let us know that you are doing so.  Please also inform us of any changes to your circumstances which may affect the payment of tax relief.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

If you are a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) or self-assessed tax payer, your donations of €250 or more a year are eligible under the scheme.

These donations can be given in cash, online donations, standing orders, and/or designated securities.

The only reasons why we wouldn’t be able to claim the relief are if the amount being claimed is less than your tax payment in the relevant year, or if the details given in the forms are inaccurate.

If you have any questions about tax-effective giving, please give us a call on +353 1 681 5440, or visit the Revenue website to see more.