Volunteer in Haiti

You can make a real difference in the lives of the people of Haiti.

Every year, our Volunteer Programme marks a highlight on the Haven calendar, making a true impact on the ground in Haiti.

The programme sees about thirty volunteers – both Irish and international – travelling with us to Haiti, immersing themselves in local communities and working on projects designed around our three core developmental areas: water and sanitation, training and education, and shelter.

As a volunteer, over the course of a week, you will participate in a broad range of activities, which are suited to multiple skill-sets, and undertake projects tailored to respond to the needs of communities in Haiti.  Working long days in sweltering heat, you will be met with both a hugely rewarding challenge and a life-changing experience.

Your generosity of time and commitment – in travelling with us and raising funds to cover both your own costs and future work in Haiti – means an enormous amount to us.

Your participation with Haven will not only ensure the success of our projects – it will change lives.

To get a feel for how volunteers spend their time in Haiti, take a few minutes to watch the video below from our 2016 trip to Haiti.  If you have any questions about our Volunteer Programme, please contact Deirdre Hanafin by emailing deirdre.hanafin@havenpartnership.com or calling 01 681 5441.