2020 Volunteer Programme

Every year, our Volunteer Programme makes an incredible impact in a local community in Haiti. Next year, you can also make a difference!

Arlene and Adrian

In 2020, a group of motivated volunteers will join us in transforming the lives of a local community in Haiti. The programme takes place on 17 to 26 April and the applications are now open.

Every year, our group of volunteers leave a lasting impression on a local community in Haiti, where they lead a range of vital projects which focus on our three core development areas: Water and Sanitation (WASH), training and education, and shelter. Most of the volunteer projects focus on renovating and upgrading local resources, such as schools or community facilities. The project for 2019 is currently being chosen in order to ensure it meets the greatest need in the community where we work.

The programme is open to everyone – there are no construction skills required as you will be fully instructed on how to perform your tasks and you’ll be supervised by an experienced team.

In 2020, we are focusing our efforts on education. While access to education is taken for granted in the countries we are from, this is not the case for many children in Haiti. Even though 90% of children in Haiti enroll to primary school, only 47% continue their education in a secondary school. The facilities on Île à Vache are insufficient and only up to 50% of students can take classes on the island, in very basic conditions. About 300 students commute to attend school in the nearest mainland town of Les Cayes, but sending a child to Les Cayes triples the cost of the school fees which is unachievable for most families.

In 2014, the Haitian government started an ambitious project on Ile à Vache – to provide a secondary school, Lycée Silvio Claude, for 800 students. This very much needed project was greatly appreciated by the community of the island and would change lives of many local children. Unfortunately, the funding has soon run out and the project was never finished – the main structure of the building has been built but the school is far from being finished.

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Without any alternatives, 340 students attend the school in these basic conditions, which pose a health and safety hazard due to the unfinished work. The classrooms are extremely dark as there are no grids or windows and they have to be covered for protection.

By upgrading these resources, we will support the 800 students to study in safe and comfortable environment which will help them create brighter opportunities for the future.

In order to take part, you will be required to fundraise, sponsor or pay €4,000 ($4,000).  A €500 ($500) non-refundable deposit to secure your place is included in this. Fundraising covers your cost of travel, including food, water, accommodation, transport, security, scheduled flights, overnight accommodation en route if needed, basic insurance and more.  Most importantly, it provides the resources for the critical work of our sustainable community development projects in Haiti, which you will be working on during the programme.


If you’re willing to work and willing to be open-minded, you’ll learn things you never thought you would and go home changed for the better.

- , Aislinn McCooey, volunteer

If you’re interested in finding out more about what it’s like to volunteer with us in Haiti, take a look at our video diaries and photos from the 2018 trip, or email our Volunteer Manager, Magda, volunteer@havenpartnership.com, or find out more information on volunteering overseas from the Comhlámh website.

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160 students will benefit from the work completed by volunteers at Jean Jean School in Haiti