What We Do

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Ensuring access to strong water and sanitation is one of the most sustainable measures to empower the people of Haiti with strong health and well-being.  Our community-led Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) pogrammes respond to ongoing issues in communities across the country  – such as poor water infrastructure, weak sewage systems, and a lack of hygiene or disease prevention awareness – and work towards a safe, sustainable future for its people.

Training and Education

Our mission is to empower people to build strong, sustainable livelihoods; training and education is therefore crucial to the success and sustainability of all of our projects.  So far, we have facilitated the training of over 78,000 people in Haiti in a wide variety of skills and areas, and directly employed more than 1,200 Haitian people.

We offer practical training courses in sewing, boat-building, agriculture, general construction, sanitation, solar energy systems, computer skills and more.  Courses in health promotion, adult literacy, financial literacy, family planning, disaster mitigation, communications skills, community action planning, leadership skills and others are also regularly unrolled.

We focus on training and upskilling the local workforce in each of the areas in which we work, opening access to education and employment through livelihoods skills training across a number of communities.


We are committed to building a Haiti where everyone has a safe place to call home; to date, we have built, repaired and renovated homes and shelters for over 21,500 people in the country.  We also successfully piloted an owner-driven reconstruction project, allowing the homeowner to project-manage the construction of their own home, with guidance and support from the team.